New furniture (Frank, Fä, Havet & Verk) from Snickeriet. Now shown at their showroom Nitty Gritty in Stockholm. "SNICKERIET is a carpentry in Stockholm combining in-house production of its own line of furniture with commission-based carpentry. The company is founded by cabinet makers Gunnar Dahl and Karolina Stenfelt, with Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck as designers."


time lapse

Time lapse / Draw Pink - An installation by Anne Lindberg at Bemis Center of Contemporary Arts.


Nendo is launching a new collaborative brand: K%. These are some furniture from the collection Black&Black.
"This is Sato’s first collection as the director of K%, a furniture brand from Singapore, but as the founder of Nendo, he has a keen eye and desire to make pieces accessible and affordable. The pieces in the line are all black and offer a stripped down approach to design where they avoid the “distraction of new materials, technique and color.”" Read more here.
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