Three new fragrances will be launched now in June by Maison Martin Margiela. Beach Walk, Funfair and Flower Market.


Julije Knifer.
Knifer was a Croatian artist and was one of the founders of the Croatian avant-garde art group, the Gorgona Group. Read more here.

It  feels so weird now when school has ended and that I don't have to do anything particular. Just planning to read some books this week. Have some time off just doing nothing. That's what I deserve. 



Igår tog jag tag i att plåta min lägenhet inför att försöka byta den till någonting i söderort. Längtar efter att kunna cykla och ha nära till skola och jobb inför hösten.

I'm trying to change my apartment at the moment. Had some kind of photo session yesterday, and now I hope I'll find something closer to my new school and my work.