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ReFurnish/ReUpholster is a new collection by Anita Johansen
The first piece is this bench.
"The collection is an exploration of traditional furniture upholstery. Anita wanted to work with the dilemma of the traditional craft and craftsmen of upholstery that has lately been under pressure from technical development as well as high hourly wages, which results in outsourcing of upholstery work to other countries. In order to keep and recreate the scandinavian upholstery sector, Anita wanted to look into new directions and possibilities that could be competitive cost wise.
The first piece from the ReFurnish/ReUpholster collection is made from classic nordic materials and consists of 2 parts;  a simple oak frame and a felt upholstery component. The ready-made upholstery component can be bought separately and can easily be installed at home by the user. This means the user can customise the upholstery and easily exchange it if wanted." Via: Sofie BrĂ¼nner



Cirkel wall light by Daphna Laurens in collaboration with Cappellini.
(The Duo Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf & Laurens Manders).
"The inspiration is basic, basic forms and lines. Bauhaus is of course one of their inspiration sources and especially Laszlo Moholy Nagy is a big inspiration for the wall lights. They wanted to create a lamp that during daytime is an art piece more than a wall light and at night it is a wall light."
Wim Crouwel. 


miss rubio

I want this ring from Line & Jo.


Home again! I've had a great vacation in Italy. The view from our house was amazing. Some of my Instagram-pictures from my Phone. More to come!