two of my friends and i have been working on a textile project for one of the IKEA stores in stockholm. this is a picture from last night when we had to put everything together. so, from today until next sunday you will be able to see our knitted carpet in the store in kungens kurva. i will show you some more pictures later on.


overdose desk

overdose desk by bulo for bram boo. desk with great storage.


T12 by sarah pease.
"a light designed from readily-available, standard parts, combined with solid black walnut and a soft, fabric cord. this project was an experiment in using pre-made parts, and the entire piece is easily disassembled/reassembled, constructed with magnets and press-fit components. the overly luminous fluorescent light is juxtaposed with, polished, elegant materials to create new associations and applications for an industrial product."


what i don't know about space

what i don't know about space by esther stocker, 2008.


SHY - on the go! by me and agnes ersson.

stone island

the first deadline is over and the next one is hopefully over tomorrow. just counting the days right now. today: knitting and painting is on the schedule.



one amazing and inspiring book that i really recommend.


il lee.