haider ackermann

haider ackermann i encens magazine, foto: sybille walter. via: cotonblanc.


net print

imorgon ska jag trycka servetter tills jag faller i graven av min egen dunderförkylning.


finns även en fantastisk stol av pepe heykoop i hans kollektion skin.


lampan sputnik av pepe heykoop.
"sputnik is a papermacheed bubble trapped in a metal frame. the freehand production process determines the shape. the outcome is that they are all a bit different and so become familiy. sputnik carries an energysaving bulb. once lit up it reminds you of looking at full moon."


paper chair

projekt: klä in stolar i vittpapper. till vad får ni kanske se senare.


wire sculpture

wire sculpture av ruth asawa 1962. kolla på det här klippet.


miss maple

helt fantastisk lampa av fantastiska elisa strozyk
"the pendant lamp "miss maple" is showing the use of a familiar material in an unconventional way. we usually experience wood as a plain surface, but here it is broken down into a grid of triangles. this makes a flexible lampshade which can be transformed manually in three-dimensional ways. while the lamp generates warm light at night the surface outside becomes more evident with daylight and turns the lamp into sculptural object." 

russel leng

russel leng. man kan köpa några av hans fina verk tryckta här.

table de sacrifice

table de sacrifice av horst egon kalinowski.



fantastiska gatto av achille och pier giacomo castiglioni för flos 1960.