leather bag for VDC for la laine. i love the tone of the leather. buy it here.


porcelain lamp

porcelain lamp by studio WM.
"inspired by the harbour of rotterdam and shipbuilding, this handmade lamp is adjustable in height with a pulley system. the use of black porcelain gives this old mechanism a sturdy new look. the optional counterweight of each lamp is custom made to ensure a perfect balance in weight." 

/ strap

thank you for publishing my clothes hanger strap!



allas by andreas engesvik. the first norwegian to design for iittala.


nyckelvikskolans vårutställning, 20-22:a april. kom kom!


hanging mobile

we have been working on hanging mobiles today. this is what i made during the afternoon. should i paint it? there have been some crazy couple of days lately. we are finally done with the ikea project, i turned 24, and i'm done with this application for a school. this week will be a nice one. no more stress for a while. just enjoy school and hang out with my friends.



block-vases by nendo.
"a set of small bud vases that can be stacked together like building blocks. the vase comes in four different sizes, carefully measured to fit together without disturbing the vase on the bottom. with careful stacking, the cases can accommodate a tall flower by running it through the vase on the top."