no waste

NW 057 chair av rainer & tobias kyburz."no waste is an idea. the idea of functional furniture. combined with the idea of a sustainable and conscious use of resources, material and production. the prototype of the chair NW 057 was developped in a way similar to the table NW 208 of the no waste series. the chair also bases on a precise form concept which allows all parts to be cut from one single piece of wood. the pieces’ shapes all derive from each other and allow the use of the material causing nearly no waste. this special construction principle results in polygon surfaces and unconventional shapes which add up to a comfortable and extraordinary piece of seating furniture. again, the basic material is coated FSC-certificated plywood which provides the chair with a highly resistant surface. this material results in a surprising elegance due to the color contrast between the dark surfaces and the bright cutting lines. the customer, however, will be given the choice between different color variants of plywood."

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