x-chair - blues armchair by rami tareef, COD project.
""blues armchair" stretching the limits of the weaving way and the chair structure by doubled the scheme and emphases the cutting lines of woven surfaces."
"what really happens in the encounter between craft and design, what fundamental differences in thought, planning and execution characterize the objects produced by the craftsperson and the designer?
the project was born of my desire to create by embracing the truth of the material. 
a designer’s desire to explore, to engage in trial and error, to learn, to know and to produce something new − via the sole agency of his thinking hands.
the project tries to illuminate the differences and similarities between craft and design; it tests and stretches the limits of their hybridization, and tries to end up with something identifiable from that past world. the project deals with wicker furniture − a traditional craft product − and preserves its production values while incorporating innovative design features from the world of mass production."

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